Entry #129

Banned From Submitting Audio...

2012-09-23 19:03:34 by benjadaninja

... Till December. Don't get me wrong, I am happy it's not a life ban, but fuck this website has gotten stupid. I was banned for using a small sample from a motion picture. Back in the day no one on this website gave two fucks about little samples. Thanks for killing creativity newgrounds. >:( Sampling is as much of an art form as any other music production. If anything, sampling (and giving credit of course) BENEFITS and gives publicity to the original authors. Really pissed off. Thanks guys.


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2012-09-23 19:40:07

amen to that


2012-09-23 20:56:09

That's pretty fucking gay. Most remixes you find out there contain shitloads of sampling. Isn't this place one where some artists actually get recognized? I think that maybe it was just one audio mod's bad day. At least December isn't far away, but that's still some crazy bullshit, nonetheless, especially if you gave credit.


2012-09-23 23:41:00

well hard to believe... given the nature of the place and all.