Entry #156

My Best Work.

2014-07-24 18:00:38 by benjadaninja

Y'all are gonna shiet brix.


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2014-07-24 20:19:42

Wreck these kids, Benja.
I swear to tits, things are all bugaboo on NG this year. Where is everyone?
There is no love for the audio portion of this site. Not as much as there once used to be.
No love for "the best of" for the audio section during throwback thursdays, or tug-off fridays, or whatever.
Minimal mentions to audio artists on main news posts.
Major lack of collaborations between NG artists and animators/programmers this year.
Plus I spilled my milk and have no dry pillows to cry into.
Loved that new WIP you've shared, btw.

Hold me :(

benjadaninja responds:

Thanks man, no matter how dead this site gets I'll keep visiting and putting stuff up here. I've been here since the beginning, I'll stay till the end.