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Most fluid animation I've seen on newgrounds to date and I've been watching toons on here since '00. Can't imagine how long this took.

Wow, extremely beautiful. Front page worthy. Reminds me of Ridley Scott's Intro. How long did this take?

THAT WAS FUCKING AWESOME. So glad someone remembers the legend that is Crash Bandicoot. Crash 2 was the best game of all time.

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To stamper...

I noticed you haven't been making that much material lately man! What are ya, depressed or something? Quit being a queer and make some more songs about sucking dicks. We all miss you!
Your fan,
(Btw, movie was awesome.)

Decent game..

It was alright. That is all I can say.

It took two people to make this garabage?

This is terrible. I know you don't have to be an artist to judge an artist, but because of this waste of space, I no longer respect your opinion. Come on, there isn't even a replay button. Once you die you have to go through the whole "GEKKO007" nonsense.
This is an absolutely dreadful waste of a flash. I will give you a 1 just because it was insanely hard. Good day.

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Not bad. I liked the lyrics. The delivery is not exactly my cup of tea, and i didn't like all of the vocal effects but I get what you were doing. You have really good flow.

Production/ mix wise the sample was dope, but the drums (kick drum in particular) need to hit much harder or be louder. The 808 should be more forward or have some more distortion on them. Bass should be more prominent for a modern trappy sounding beat. Also the hi-hats are too trebly and forward in the mix. I have found in most modern trap songs the vocal is the loudest element, buut it doesn't always sound like it. The snare is usually the loudest element, followed by the kick. Get your producer to sidechain the vocals so they can still be the loudest, but with a very short release time on a compressor for the drums to hit hard. Good work though, the mix just isn't 100% It sounds like 98% professional. lol. My two cents, keep it up!

Still my favourite song on Newgrounds. Impeccable mixing.

what happened to t.o.m.b?!?!?! miss em ;(

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Sure it's good... as a photo-realistic piece, but that's all anyone seems to care about on this website. It's like people don't realize cameras were invented for a reason. Don't get me wrong, doing stuff like this takes lots of skill and talent, but I just don't find it particularly creative. That is all, keep it up, there always will be a market for this kind of stuff, it's just not for me is all.

CosmicDeath responds:

I understand where you are coming from, but photorealism is simply about making lifelike and realistic representations within the image. It isn't always possible to include everything you want in a photograph, and even if you could, the feel of the end artwork would not be the same.

Photorealism and fantasy are often mixed together in digital paintings. You can have a painting of something that looks photorealistic but be completely or partially drawn from fantasy. Etienne's pin on his hat, for example, did not exist in the reference photo.

Pretty good! I'd say his right arm looks a bit weird though... maybe a bit too long? I am not quite sure what it is. I think the elbow is too low.

I really like your colouring and shading style..

... but your drawing techniques seem to be kinda iffy. The woman is a tad we out of proportion and has unusually stickily arms. Work on drawing some muscles! I am not talking macho girl, but look take a look at anyones arms, and you will see they are not perfectly flat. But as I said, great colour!

Syringes responds:

Thanks. I know what you mean, its not like I havent been examining arms, its just that its not that easy for me to learn @_@ I practice a lot. D: When it comes to the coloring though, I tend to ruin all the anatomy that is below... :[

Thanks for your review. :]



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