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Pretty good, was really feelin it till that synth came in at :42, that kinda didn't fit in. I think it needs a more subtle instrument to match.

eppskevin responds:

Actually, you're the first to say that they didn't like that synth actually. The synth is actually my favorite part of the song. Oh well. Thanks for listening, though and giving me your honest opinion. Very much appreciated.

Pretty good, a bit too loud though. Turn down the master volume a bit! My headphones were rattling!

Sunraw responds:

Interesting. Will do.

So Ill....

This is the Dj Nate I fell in love with, the one who made the most hype danceable beats. I respect your desire to explore other music, drum&bass, dubstep (sure this song had a splash of dubstep in it... whatever,) But "dance" beats is what you'll always be the best at. By the way I've been dabbling in electronic music lately, you should PM me some pointers! Thanks man, keep it up.

Damn your good

Makes me want to actually take time on my beats now, good job :)

DJDureagon responds:

Thanks dude.

Ill dood!

Thanks for using ma beat!

HeIsAlive responds:

Haha, glad you liked it man.

No problem, make more for me :P

I find my self singing along to this...

.... and it scares me. Good job pal.

Epic man

You are up there with haywirehaywire, you two are the best hip-hop producers on Newgrounds. I hope to make beats half as good as yours someday man! Keep on er! Also, i already messaged you about drums, i am curious now as to what program you use? Thanks man.

Crueltool responds:

Thanks dude. My main programs are: Reason 5, ACID Sony 8, my brains)

Damn ill.

Maybe a BIT too much like tupac, like how your raise your voice like that. Still sick.

twreckz responds:

i was thinking the same thing, but shit that was just me trying to make the words flow together more. much thanks though my dude.

Both pretty good.

However, there were times when they were both off beat. Really like the last verse.

HDC responds:


Lovin it.

I wish it had a sudden change when the drums first come in. You know, something that kinda "shocks" you. I think thats what the recipe is for a good electronic song. Other then that it was sick, I am not an expert but I liked all the different loops working together seamlessly. Good job, you should check out some of my work, it's mostly hiphop instrumentals but you might like it,

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